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Group Companies & Entities

SANC Co,. Ltd
Gleama Co., Ltd
Kami-no-Byoin Co., Ltd
Bellezza Co., Ltd
Treatment Association Institute

Representative Director Shoichi Tanimura

[ History ]

Kami-no-Byoin SANC – Kyoto Kitayama Salon GRAND OPEN
SANC Shampoo Product Line – Product Development and Launch
Kami-no-Byoin SANC – Kobe-Ashiya Salon GRAND OPEN
Treatment, HR Training and Marketing Seminars – Launched Nationwide
SANC Co.,Ltd – Incorporated
Kami-no-Byoin Co.,Ltd – Incorporated
Kami-no-Byoin R&D Center – Established
Bellezza Co.,Ltd – Incorporated (Beauty & Health Conscious Beauty Product Development & Distribution Company)

Received great support from a medical doctor, Dr.Tadahiro Sakamoto M.D, and appointed him as Kami-no-Byoin’s Medical Advisor.

2015 February
Kami-no-Byoin Comic published through Bi-ken(beauty & health)Guide Sha Co.,Ltd, under supervision of OG-GYN Dr.Ikegawa M.D and PED Dr.Mayumi M.D.
2015 March
Gleama Co.,Ltd – Incorporated

Appointed as an Advisor to K-Two, a beauty division of Unimat Co.,Ltd

2015 August
Held a seminar in Mongolia, at the request of Mr.Sato, the Honorary Cultural Ambassador of Mongolia.
2016 May
Kami-no-Byoin Overseas Aid Department – Established in Pampanga, Philippines.
2016 November
A Charity Concert was held in Kyoto with the Mongolian State Phiharmonic Orchestra in partership with Mr.Punsalmaagiin Ochibat, the 1st and former president of Mongolia, and his wife.
2017 December
Inaugurated as a Board Member of W&B Co.,Ltd
2018 January
Treatment Association Institute – Established
2018 September
Tanimura Beauty Products Inc.(Beauty product distribution company) – Established
2019 Spring
Kami-no-Byoin/SANC Hair Clinic – Grand Opening Coming Soon, 2019 Spring (Okada Manila Casino Resort&Hotel).

Over 200 Seminars and held annually where was teach beauty technique theories & methods,human resources training & development and business management.

*A total of over 70,000 seminar attendees as of 2016.
*Appearance on NHK in 2011 and introduced as “The Temple of Refuge for Troubled Hair”.