Japanese Beauty Industry

With generating over 30 billion dollars in revenue annually, the beauty industry in Japan is a serious business. The beauty salon segment accounts for half of the industry’s revenue, making over 15 billion dollars annually. There are over 250,000 beauty salons (not including barber shops) across the nation with over 500,000 licensed hair dressers, creating market saturation and heavy competition, making it a burial ground for many salons. However, competition creates innovation, better skills, better services and better products and only the best of the best survive. Japan is renown as a birth place of many skillful hairdressers and for its beauty salons with exceptional service, and not to mention, for its top quality hair care products as you may already know.

And now, the industry in Japan has started taking a great shift towards servicing in total hair & scalp health care rather than just offering hairdressing and styling. A shift from hair-art to “hair-science”, creating hair beauty not just on the outside but also from the inside. Attention is given to the true hair health, creating beautiful hair from within, putting an end to artificially beautified hair. The group leading this movement is Hair Clinic Group, a team formed of top hairdressers, experts & specialists of the industry and medical doctors. Our team has come together to pursue a new hair-science and has dedicated years of research & development to better understand the true essence of hair beauty & health and we have continued to share our knowledge with hairdressers nationwide in Japan. We believe beauty salons should serve as a Clinic for hair rather than just a place one goes to doll-up. This fusion of Japan’s world-leading hairdressing skills and medical science will revolutionize the industry and start a new age.

Who We Are & Our Story

If the beauty care industry is really evolving and improving, then why are there so many people still concerned with their chemically damaged hair? “We must re-examine the traditional beauty theory from the basics and work from scratch”, that was the starting point of Hair Clinic and we’ve been on a mission ever since.

From thereon, holding “Reassurance, Safety and Health” as our concept and by greeting medical doctors into our team, our quest has started in finding and developing our new and very own hair-science. By putting an end to the spiral of chemical overdose and bringing the hair and scalp back to their natural state, we successfully achieved in creating a method to regenerate a beautiful hair growth cycle.

The unmatched BRILLIANCE as known and praised as “JEWEL HAIR” and the supreme sensation like one has never experienced before, will without a doubt bring excitement and joy to all of our customers.
Being “Body & Environment Friendly” is the new phase this era has entered into. Our mission is to share our knowledge with as many hairdressers as we possibly can and lead their salons to the premium stage.

Our latest scientific achievements gained from 10 years of research are adopted to our hair esthetic techniques of “Gleama”, which has been praised by the world’s top hair artists, and our product line “Danae”, that has created a new concept of high-end class in the hair-care product category.