Japanese Beauty Industry

With generating over 30 billion dollars in revenue annually, the beauty industry in Japan is a serious business. The beauty salon segment accounts for half of the industry’s revenue, making over 15 billion dollars annually. There are over 250,000 beauty salons (not including barber shops) across the nation with over 500,000 licensed hair dressers, creating market saturation and heavy competition, making it a burial ground for many salons. However, competition creates innovation, better skills, better services and better products and only the best of the best survive. Japan is renown as a birth place of many skillful hairdressers and for its beauty salons with exceptional service, and not to mention, for its top quality hair care products as you may already know.

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Pioneering the Future of Beauty Care with our Concept of “Reassurance, Safety and Health”

roducts developed by Hair Hospital are marketed and supplied through Gleama Co., Ltd, a sister company dedicated to operate and manage the marketing & sales, product quality control and designing & packaging of our Danae brand product lines. “Danae Pro” that has fulfilled Hair Hospital’s high standards of safety, and “Danae Premium Line”, a high-end class shampoo & treatments, that has become the core element of a salon’s image-building strategy.


Our Secret Weapon, “Hair-Respirator”

Chemicals used in colorings and perms can easily remain inside your hair, leaving your hair vulnerable. These chemical residues are persistent and cannot be rinsed off just by shampooing. Our “Hair Respirator”, a product developed after dedicating more than 18months of intense R&D, once applied, acts like a “respiratory organ” for hair and enhances hair health. This secret formula with various treatment agents enables appropriate hair treatment and allows your hair to “breathe” again.